How To: Make a Powerpoint Shine

One of my favorite things to do in college was make Powerpoint shows.


Yes. I loved, and still love, making powperpoints. Some may think me odd for enjoying what so many regard as torture, but really, I found it a great way to show off my creative skills. Any other day of the semester you could find me hiding in the back corner of the classroom, but on presentation days I loved to be front and center sharing information and colorful slide shows with the rest of the class.

Fun fact: Jason and I first became friends in a speech class. We both had several linguistics classes together before then, but he’d never really heard me talk until we wound up in the same Oral Comm. class our Junior year of college. That’s when he heard me be me for the first time as I gave a speech about telling stories. And it all went uphill from there! Also, my highest grade in that class was awarded to me after I gave a speech about Fall and used a Powerpoint show to illustrate how beautiful the colors are, how tasty the food is, and how fun the holidays are!

So, today I’m going to share some Microsoft Office Powerpoint (ppt) basics that I’ve picked up over many years of playing with the program, and who knows, maybe you’ll come to enjoy making them as much as I do!

Note: I made this on my iPad Pro, so the instructions will probably say things like “tap the ‘such and such’ button,” and the app isn’t set up quite like the computer program so you may have to hunt for some things if you’re following along on a computer. Also, the iPad version doesn’t give you as many options to customize as the desktop version does, so don’t be afraid to be adventurous and try new things if your program is different.

Disclaimer: This is a very very very basic slide show, it’s mainly just to help you figure out how the program works :).

Click on the first picture to see the tutorial as a slide show!

I know that was loooooong, but I hope it helped you understand Powerpoint Shows a little bit better.

Thanks for reading!

Textbooks List FA-16

Each year before a school semester was about to start back, I would sit down and write out all the textbooks I needed, how much I could get them for, and if I could borrow them instead of having to empty out my savings. Now that I’m all graduated, I thought it would be a great idea to design a hand dandy book list for all the non-graduated peeps out there! As Flint Lockwood would say, “how wise.”

Click here to download it as a pdf!


Chef’s Table

Last night we watched Chef’s Table for the first time and absolutely loved it! If you haven’t heard about the show, it’s a Netflix original series that focuses on the lives of chefs. Each episode they delve into the world of a different chef looking to discover their stories, cooking “philosophies,” and basically what they bring to the table that’s unique.

The first episode told the story of Massimo Bottura. He’s an Italian chef who takes traditional “grandmama” dishes and turns them into a work of art. We laughed, we cried, we loved Massimo.

The second episode introduced us to Chef Dan Barber, a farm-to-table type chef. Jason has been on a natural food kick recently, so he especially enjoyed learning about how Chef Dan tries to make food more tasty through different growing techniques. A couple of minutes before the credits began to roll, Barber said something that perfectly conveys his philosophy (is that the right word?) on food: “When you treat nature well, it gives you the gift of great food.” As soon as I heard that, I knew I had to artsify it with some hand-lettering action. Click the link below to download a pdf if Chef Dan’s moving words!

Dan Barber Quote

Psalm 37:25 (Downloadable Design)

My husband, Jason, and I read this verse the other day and it really spoke to us about the faithfulness of God and how He will always provide for his children.

Click on the verse below to download a pdf copy of the design I made!

Psalm 37:25

Psalm 37:25

Painting the sky

I noticed the sky was grey today,

(Or was it gray? I cannot say,)

So I found a can of bright blue paint,

And went out to paint the sky.

At first I was worried it may be too high,

But as I reached up, the sky drew nigh.

With quick light strokes I painted it blue,

And then I thought, my, what a hue.

I wish I could say I painted a rainbow,

But I only had blue,

So what else could I do?


The Tendency of Life

Life has a tendency to change,

One day you feel lovely,

And the next you’re feeling strange.

One day you’re a dependent,

And the next you’re an adult,

Accepting the consequences that come as a result.

One day you have money,

The next you have none,

And one day you wake up have a ton.

One day you are single,

And the next you are married,

Then comes a baby that you have carried.

Life has a tendency to continue,


Til you reach life’s end,

You always have it in you.




Not Anglo-Saxon Poetry

I’m trying to write a hymn in the style of Anglo-Saxon poetry (it’s part of an assignment for a class), but I keep wanting to rhyme everything so this poem happened instead.

I confess, oh Lord to thee

I neglect Community,

I ignore all memory

I forget what you have done for me.


You forgive me, even still,

You my life with people fill,

You remind me of your sovereign will,

You your purpose will fulfill.

Glorious Purpose

A people lacking purpose

A life that led to death

Ever seeking,

Never finding,

Peace and perfect rest.

A Savior’s glorious purpose

A death upon a cross

Always loving,

Never sparing,

He has paid our cost.

A people now with purpose,

A life to live for Christ

Always growing,

Never needing,

His death has sufficed.